Products for urology care

Qufora® produces a wide range of easy-to-use and reliable urinary continence products. Designed with improved patient care as our top priority, our range of catheters, bags, valves, urinary sheaths, and accessories provide innovative, high-quality solutions to almost any urology care need.

For more information / ordering products, please contact MBH-International A/S, or local distributor / supplier.

Qufora® urinary catheters

Qufora® offers two different catheters.
Qufora® Twostep. A low-friction surface catheter.
Qufora® Foley Silicone balloon catheter for long-term trans-urethral urine drainage.

Qufora® urinary bags

Qufora offers a wide range of latex-free urinary bags, all of which are safe, reliable and easy to use. With their soft backing and very thin profile, these bags are almost invisible beneath clothes – even when full.

Qufora® valves

Qufora® offers 3 different valves.

Qufora® Urisheath

Our transparent all-silicone Qufora® urinary sheath is designed to let you live life to the full. The flexible silicone material ensures a perfect fit and enables the skin to ‘breathe’, keeping you dry and comfortable.
The gentle adhesive provides a very secure seal against leakage, and the transparent design takes overall discreetness and comfort to a new level.


Qufora® supplies a range of accessories, such as syringes pre-filled with sterile water or glycerine, disposal bags and gloves, urine bag hangers, floorstand, leg bag and shoulder straps, and lubricants.