Qufora® Urisheath

Our transparent all-silicone Qufora® urinary sheath is designed to let you live life to the full. The flexible silicone material ensures a perfect fit and enables the skin to ‘breathe’, keeping you dry and comfortable.
The gentle adhesive provides a very secure seal against leakage, and the transparent design takes overall discreetness and comfort to a new level.

Qufora® urisheath are available in two lengths: Standard (80 mm) and Short (47 mm), and five sizes:
Ø 24, 28, 31, 35, 40 mm.

The standard size is available with and without adhesive.
A Qufora® Urisheath measure guide will ensure a perfect fit.
Qufora® Urisheath can be attached to a urine bag.

For more information / ordering products, please contact MBH-International, or local distributor / supplier.